Handmade luxury leather house.



We select only the finest leathers. Each of which is hand picked. Each leather piece is selected for fit, finish, and quality.


We offer a rich and luxurious colour palette. From warm brown hues to striking pinks. Our coulours represent an extensive selection process to evoke love and emotion. It's not just colour, it's obsession.


With over 30 years combined leather crafting experience our European atelier hand select, hand cut, and hand sew every piece we offer.


Guaranteed that we make no compromises in the production of our products. Using the finest leathers and craftsmen to offer only the finest products.


Introducing LaFortune Couture Collection 2015-2016

Behind the seams

An accessory: An extension of ones personality.

An ancient Chinese Proverb states “There is beauty in simplicity.” Our philosophy at LaFortune Couture is very simple. To produce handmade, outstanding quality luxury leather goods at an attainable price. We strive to find the finest leathers and most talented craftsmen available to offer a quality of product that is unsurpassed. Offering luxury leather goods that are timeless in both manufacturing quality and appearance. Each piece of leather is hand selected, hand cut, and hand sewn in our European altier to create an accessory unlike any other.

Design : [dih-zahyn]

1. to prepare the preliminary sketch or plans for (a work to be executed), especially to plan the form and structure of: to design a handbag.

At LaFortune Couture we design not only with form in mind, but function as well.

Designing handcrafted, exquisite, functional leather goods is what we pride ourselves on. Like nearly everything that surrounds us, we started with an idea. We then took that simple idea and turned it into a design. Designs of which have now become a daily part of our lives.


We select only the finest leathers. Each of which is hand picked. Each leather piece is selected for fit, finish, and quality.


What is LaFortune Couture?

LaFortune Couture is a handmade luxury leather goods provider.

When was LaFortune Couture founded?

LaFortune Couture was founded in 2004 by Scott LaFortune and Vladimir Ilić.

Where are LaFortune Couture goods manufactured?

All our goods are handmade by professional craftsmen in our European altier.

Where can I purchase LaFortune Couture goods?

You can purchase our products via our online boutique HERE.

How can I stay up to date with LaFortune Couture?

You can allways follow us on our OFFICIAL BLOG and on our FACEBOOK or TWITTER.

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